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Reduce Liability and Enhance Patient Safety with the New MRI Room Alert

The MRI Room Alert is the safest method of reducing liability and danger in one of the most hazardous rooms in the facility. This groundbreaking new product will save countless lives by continuously monitoring the MRI room for any calls for help. The MRI Room Alert will protect both the people and the room, creating peace of mind for any staff working alone.

The MRI Room Alert is a voice-activated device that constantly monitors the MRI room. The push-button does not make sense if you cannot touch the push-button because you are stuck to the magnet or trapped. Voice activation talk-back adds a critical safety layer when you can’t reach the button. Using these alerts, you can announce safety issues by phone call, text and email in the MRI room – a room that can turn deadly quickly. The voice-activated feature is unique as it not only works in the MRI room environment but this component can also request help if someone is stuck to the MRI Magnet or trapped during an MRI quench, making it impossible to push an alert button. MRI room alert has been nominated for Best New Radiology Device 2022.   

Visit our product page to learn more about this remarkable new device for MRI.

11 months ago
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