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Get Ready for 2023 Garment Inspections

As we start the new year it's important for facilities that use x-ray technology to start thinking about getting ready for 2023 and beyond. One key aspect of this preparation is ensuring that all x-ray protective garments, such as aprons, are in good condition and ready for use.

One way to ensure that x-ray protective garments are ready for use is to implement an apron tagging system. With this system, each apron is assigned a unique tag or identifier that can be used to track its maintenance and usage history. This can be especially helpful for facilities that have a large number of aprons and need to keep track of them all.

One company that offers apron tagging systems is Infab. Infab is a leading manufacturer of x-ray protective apparel and accessories, and their apron tagging system is designed to help facilities easily track and manage their x-ray protective garments. The system includes tags that can be attached to each apron and a tracking system that allows facilities to record maintenance and usage information.

Getting ready for 2023 and beyond also involves regularly inspecting x-ray protective garments to ensure that they are in good condition and meet all applicable safety standards. This includes checking for wear and tear, as well as ensuring that the garments are properly sized and fitted.

Overall, implementing an apron tagging system and regularly inspecting x-ray protective garments is an important part of ensuring the safety of x-ray technicians and other personnel who work with x-ray technology. By taking these steps, facilities can help to protect their employees and ensure that they are ready for 2023 and beyond.

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