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Introducing the Future of Comfort and Efficiency: The New X-Ray Chair from Vela Medical

Vela Medical's new X-Ray Chair, is a revolutionary solution that aims to transform the X-ray experience for both patients and healthcare professionals.  

Unparalleled Comfort: Patient comfort is a top priority in any medical setting, and the new X-Ray Chair from Vela Medical addresses this concern with unparalleled dedication. This chair is specially designed with patient comfort in mind, featuring a plush, ergonomic cushioning that offers support during the X-ray procedure. Gone are the days of discomfort and anxiety as patients now have the option to sit comfortably, making the X-ray experience more pleasant and less intimidating.

Enhanced Accessibility: Traditionally, positioning patients for X-rays involved shifting them onto rigid, uncomfortable surfaces. With Vela Medical's new X-Ray Chair, the process has been streamlined for both patients and healthcare professionals. The chair's adjustable height and seamless positioning features enable easy access and precise alignment for imaging purposes. This enhancement not only reduces patient discomfort but also improves the efficiency of the X-ray process, leading to a smoother workflow in busy medical facilities.

The new X-Ray Chair from Vela Medical has redefined the X-ray experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike. By combining unparalleled comfort, enhanced accessibility, and versatility in application, Vela Medical has set a new standard in medical imaging equipment. With the chair's  user-friendly design, medical facilities can elevate the patient experience and improve workflow efficiency. As technology continues to evolve, Vela Medical's commitment to innovation promises even more groundbreaking solutions in the field of medical imaging.

4 months ago
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The Most Versatile Procedure Chair on the Market

Radiology procedures require precision and accuracy and having the right equipment and accessories is crucial to ensuring success. One such tool is the new Hausted EPC500 Procedure Chair, a state-of-the-art Imaging Chair designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare and imaging professionals during procedures.

The Hausted EPC500 Procedure chair is a versatile and reliable chair that provides comfort to patients and ease of use for medical staff.  It offers A full range of patient positioning provides patient comfort and safety during every phase of care including transport, procedure and recovery. It Improves the quality of care and reduces the risk of patient and staff injury by eliminating multiple patient transfers. Patients can position themselves with handheld controls, which minimizes staff involvement and can help speed recovery time (lock-out feature available). Designed for multiple procedures from treatment rooms to radiology.

The FULL Radiolucent Back allows for multiple imaging procedures. This Radiology Imaging Chair has an industry leading height range of 20 to 40 inches and has the highest weight capacity on the US market today – with 600 lbs.  Take a moment to visit our website to learn more

6 months ago
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Tis The Season to Upgrade your Seating

Tis the season to update your seating in your imaging departments. We have ergonomic seating for Ultrasound, Mammography, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiology Reading Rooms.  We have console chairs, PACS stools, and we have chairs for waiting areas and for x-ray rooms for patients to sit in while they wait. We have an array of Procedure chairs, Phlebotomy Chairs and Clinical Chairs for patients

If you don't see what you are looking for, chances are we can get it for you with our vast connections to several furniture and Seating Suppliers. Turn to Z&Z Medical for all your seating needs.

11 months ago
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NEW Radiology Spine Chair

The Radiology Spine Chair is designed to assist patients who are unable to stand for upright standing spine images. The back of the chair is manufactured using a mesh radiolucent material that will not interfere with the spine image. 1” thick styrene pad on the back and seat provides extra comfort for the patient. This chair can be used for AP and Lateral projections. Custom safety belt for chest, hips, and legs are also included. Visit our website to learn more.

1 year ago
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