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“The new digital imaging allowed me to detect an abnormal mass in my patient”

In April 2022 Z&Z Medical installed a new digital imaging system for Dr Paul Joslyn at his practice, Joslyn Chiropractic in Cresco, IA. Dr Joslyn chose a 17x17 removable cesium direct digital DR imaging system by 20/20 Imaging with OpalRad software for image manipulation, storage and viewing. This system replaced a very old Konica SRX101 film processor. The install went smoothly and in no time he was ready to examine patients with a completely new system that would enhance his imaging and improve the workflow in his office.

Dr Joslyn recently stated to his rep from Z&Z Medical that “He has been pleased with the installation and the effectiveness of his new equipment. Because of the high quality of the images he’s now getting, it actually allowed him to recognize an abnormal mass in one of his patients (as seen in background picture above) that led to a referral to The Mayo Clinic and an unscheduled surgery to remove the tumor.” I can’t speak for Dr Joslyn’s patient, but I bet they are very happy that he made the choice to upgrade to digital imaging.

Z&Z Medical was proud to offer and deliver this high-quality system that has improved the quality of care that Dr Joslyn is offering his patients on a daily basis.

If you still have an analog system or aren’t satisfied with your current digital system and would like to learn more about the systems Z&Z Medical offers, give us a call. We would love to share with you our many success stories and add you to the growing list!

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