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NEW Revolutionary 800 lb Seca Scales just added

Accurate and reliable measurements are crucial in the medical field, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide appropriate care. When it comes to weighing patients, especially those with higher weight capacities, having a scale that can handle the load and deliver precise readings is essential. That's where SECA's groundbreaking 800 lb scales come into play.  

Unparalleled Weight Capacity: Traditionally, medical scales have been limited in their weight capacity, often accommodating up to 400 or 500 pounds. However, SECA has stepped up the game with their 800 lb scales, raising the bar and opening up possibilities for more comprehensive patient care. These scales are specifically designed to handle heavier patients without compromising on accuracy, making them an invaluable tool for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

User-Friendly Design: Seca understands the importance of user-friendly design in medical equipment. The 800 lb SECA scales are thoughtfully designed to simplify the weighing process for both patients and healthcare providers. The large, easy-to-read display allows for quick and clear weight readings, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.  Take a look at the New 5600 Portable Wheelchair Scale, the new Multifunctional Stand or Stand digital Scale, or the new Corner digital scale with handrails

By providing accurate measurements, healthcare professionals can make well-informed decisions and deliver tailored care to their patients. With Z&Z Medical's commitment to innovation, we can look forward to further advancements that will continue to improve patient care and enhance the healthcare experience as a whole.

2 months ago
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Know Your Patient’s Weight to Protect your Tables

It’s important that you don’t exceed the weight limit on your imaging tables!  Know your patient’s weight BEFORE you put them on the table. This economical scale is perfect for every imaging room.

Designed with a high capacity of up to 440 lbs and an extra wide platform. The tough rubber mat ensures a secure stance and flat construction allows for easy accessibility.

  • Solid steel frame, up to 440 lbs capacity
  • Non-slip rubber base for safe standing during measuring
  • Large LCD digits for easy reading
  • Tap-on automatic switch -on and Automatic switch-off
  • Weighs 6.4 lbs
  • 17”wide  x 14.7” deep  x 1.9” tall
  • Operates on 4 AAA batteries
  • 2 year warranty
  • From the global market leader for medical weighing and measuring and 165 years of experience for maximum precision
2 years ago
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