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  • Fuji RXU X-Ray Film to be Discontinued

    Fuji Film Co. recently announced the end of production for their RXU Half Speed Blue x-ray film. If you are using the RXU x-ray film in a Blue system you can switch to the Carestream CSB.5 without any change in the speed of your system. RXU has the unique capability to work in either Green or Blue systems so Z&Z Medical sold this product as a Half Speed Blue x-ray film and as a High Speed Green x-ray film. If you were using the RXU in a Green system the Carestream CSB.5 will NOT work in your system. Z&Z Medical will not allow the return of opened boxes of x-ray film and will NOT be liable for customers trying the CSB.5 x-ray film in their Green system. Green system alternative films will be Fuji HRT, HRU or Carestream CSG. All of these products will cause your film speed to drop about 33% therefore you will need to increase your MAS 33%. If you are using the RXU film with Green Regular screens you can purchase Green Fast screens and achieve the same film speed.

    If you are unsure of the color output of your system you can call Z&Z Medical at 800-410-9575 with the name of your intensifying screens and we will determine the color output for you. You can also perform this simple test: remove the film from your cassette. Place your opened cassettes where the screen can be exposed to radiation from your x-ray equipment and you can see the screen. Set your system for a long exposure time and then turn the light down or off in the x-ray room. Expose the screen and watch for it to glow during exposure. Green systems will put off a green light and Blue systems will put off a blue light. If you have any questions or need help with this transition please feel free to contact us at 800-410-9575.

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