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Fuji HR-T X-Ray Film Discontinued

Fuji HRT Discontinued

As the medical imaging community continues to migrate from analog products to digital equipment we continue to see changes in the product offerings from all of the x-ray film manufacturers. X-ray film manufacturers are making these changes to ensure they are offering the needed products for the remaining analog film users. One of the most recent changes was made by Fuji Film Corp. with the elimination of their HRT line of film. HRT was a high contrast film that catered mostly to the hospital imaging market. With the near depletion of that market the decision was made to end the manufacturing of HRT film. For customers using HRT they will need to switch to the HRU line of general purpose radiography film. Both products are green film and both offer a 400 speed system in a regular green screen. This will eliminate the need to adjust techniques when converting from HRT to HRU. The HRU will have slightly less contrast than the HRT and is slightly less expensive than the HRT. We will continue to monitor these market changes and pass them on as needed.

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