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How to Dispose of X-Ray Lead Aprons

A topic that we address on an almost daily basis is "How do I dispose of my old Lead Aprons when they are replaced?"  We realize this is a process that anyone who utilizes Radiation Protection apparel is destined to need to know at some point so we wanted to share the best information we have available.

Most radiation protection aprons are lead based which does a great job of attenuation radiation but can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly.  Some states have specific regulations or requirements so be sure to confirm what those requirements might be but the following methods are the most common ways of disposal.

3 Ways to Dispose of your X-Ray Lead Apron

  1. Contact a recycling company:  Some local scrap metal recycling companies have the ability to safely process and/or recycle your lead products so they can be disposed of safely or re-used.
  2. Contact a hazardous waste carrier:  Based on your local regulations a hazardous waste company might be the proper source to dispose of you lead apron.
  3. Landfill:  Consult your local landfill to see if they have the ability to accept your lead aprons.

When purchasing your next radiation protection apron you might want to consider some of our great non-lead products.  The benefits of these products are lighter weights and easier methods of disposal in the future.  Check out our complete selection of Radiation Protection products.

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