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  • Anti-Reflective Coating for Barrier Technologies X-Ray Lead Glasses

    What it is:
    Anti-reflective coating (called AR coating for short, or anti-glare coating)
    A clear layer applied to one or both sides of a lens during the manufacturing process.

    What it does:
    Improves both your vision and the appearance of your lenses.
    *When viewed from an angle, AR lenses will appear to have a green or gold tint.
    *Lenses with AR coating applied are easier to clean and harder to smudge.
    *Our “premium” AR coating contains a “hydrophobic” layer on top of the AR. This will make water or other liquids bead up and run off the surface and makes the lenses even more smudge resistant.

    Improves vision clarity by allowing more light into the eye.
    As light passes through a lens, both the front and back sides of the lens will reflect a percentage of that light as it comes in. Also, this reflected light can be problematic as it causes glare when it bounces off.

    Our Corning Med-X glass lenses will reflect more light than those typical eyewear materials as it has a higher index of refraction. Our lenses will reflect about 15% or more light coming in before it even gets to the wearers eye. This is almost double that of typical eyewear.

    AR coating for Barrier Technologies Lead Glasses allows almost all of that would-be reflected light to come into the eye. What that translates to the wearer is much clearer, sharper vision and more vibrant color.

    Reduces or eliminates reflections
    In general, the higher the index of refraction of the lens, the more light will be reflected from the surface. *The index of refraction on our corning Med-X lenses is 1.76, which is significantly higher than commonly used eyeglass materials such as CR-39 with a 1.498 index, or Polycarbonate at an index of 1.586. Therefore it is strongly recommended that all Barrier Technologies leaded eyewear have AR coating applied to them.
    In particular for those whose intended use is in a healthcare setting such as a hospital or surgery center.

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