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Dome by NDS Surgical Imaging

Dome by NDS Surgical Imaging

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) consist of a network of computers and peripheral devices dedicated to the storage, retrieval, distribution, and presentation of medical images. Although the complexity and features vary from system to system, the overall goal of PACS is to make critical patient image and medical record information available enterprise wide, which ultimately improves efficiency and overall patient care, as well as reduces long-term costs. This is achieved by greatly reducing or eliminating the dependency on hardcopy film, which can only be in one place at a time. PACS stores, distributes and displays both clinical images and corresponding diagnostic information throughout a healthcare enterprise, making it critical to select the best and most reliable platforms to achieve this mission critical task.

NDSsi, a leader in medical visualization, understands that in order to maximize the value and benefits of PACS, a modern hospital or imaging center needs the highest-quality, highest-resolution medical displays to meet the diverse requirements of doctors and staff. In fact, the end result of PACS technology is ultimately a function of how well and how accurately those vital digital images can be displayed and diagnosed.

NDSsi addresses this strong imaging need by manufacturing the Dome brand of diagnostic and clinical displays. The Dome brand has been synonymous with PACS for many years, introducing many firsts into the PACS market. In 1999 DOME introduced the first DICOM calibration system for Flat panel displays. In 2000 Dome was the first to market with a 3 megapixel grayscale flat panel display. In 2001 Dome introduced the first 5 megapixel grayscale flat panel, and in 2004 were the first to receive FDA 510(k) clearance for flat-panel display use in mammography. NDSsi has a proven track record for understanding radiology needs, and delivering the highest quality and most reliable imaging systems to the market.

The Dome EX and GX line of displays, along with Dome’s various software solutions, bring a wide range of imaging and software options to the PACS clinical imaging marketplace.

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