Below are some FAQ and Answers.  Contact us if you have any additional questions about any of our products.



Question:  Is there a Z&Z Medical representative in my area?

Answer: Possibly! We have a sales representative in Iowa.    

You can also email our customer service representatives at info@zzmedical.com or jump on our website to our Live Chat Feature.


Question:  How do we get fitted for a new apron?

Answer:  Z&Z Medical does not have representatives across our sales territory to provide onsite measuring, however our manufactures for radiation protection have excellent size charts that can be used to properly measure an apron, vest or skirt. These size charts can be found on every garment page. If you have a question or need assistance any further, you can always reach out to us at info@zzmedical.com, or give us a call anytime.


Question:  How do I know you received my Order?

Answer:  When we receive your purchase order, customer service will email you a confirmation email.


Question:  I need an order quickly, can my order be rushed?

Answer:  Possibly. We represent several suppliers that have products for immediate shipment. Others required a time period for manufacturing. These are reflected on the website for each item. If the item is available for immediate shipment, you can then select the fastest mode of transportation for shipping when you place your order.


Question:  What is your return policy?

Answer:  All items must be approved for return by Z&Z Medical. They must be used and returned in re-sellable condition within 30 days of the invoice date. Please read our detailed return policy HERE. Please note that customized products such as aprons, prescription glasses, or engraved items are non-refundable.


Question:  Do You Offer Free Samples?

Answer:  Yes. If a manufacturer offers free samples, there will be an icon on the product page indicating free samples are available. If in doubt, please contact customer service at info@zzmedical.com


Question:  Do you have a Minimum Order Requirement?

Answer:  No, we do not have minimum order requirements.


Question:  What is your Customer Service Hours?

Answer:  Our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30 CST


Question:  Who do you serve?

    • Hospitals & Outpatient Imaging Centers
    • Surgery Centers
    • Long Term Care & Home Health
    • Orthopedic Centers
    • Podiatry Centers
    • Mammography Centers
    • MRI Centers
    • CT Centers
    • Cath Labs
    • Ultrasound Centers
    • Chiropractic Offices
    • Veterinary Offices


Question:  W-9 Information: email info@zzmedical.com to get a copy of our W-9 for your records.


Question:  Why shop with Z&Z Medical?

    • We have the best Customer Service in the Industry
    • Trusted Knowledgeable Staff is available by email, phone, or LIVE CHAT!
    • We have one of the broadest selections of medical imaging accessories, supplies, essentials, and consumables in the market.
    • We carry an Exclusive Line of Products that are kept in stock and ready to ship in 24-48 hours. This line continues to grow!
    • Because of our Buying Power, we are able to offer our customers great prices that will meet a variety of budgets.



Question: Why is there a delay in shipping for some items?

Answer: Some products are made to order due to specific sizing, colors, styles and customizations.


Question: How do I calculate my shipping cost?

Answer: Add the desired items and quantites to your shopping cart and complete the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" section.


Question: Can my order be shipped to an APO address?

Answer: We are able to ship select items to APO addresses however those orders have to be processed manually due to specific shipping methods required.  To process your order to be shipped to an APO you must contact our customer service department (1-800-410-9575) to place your order.


Radiation Protection Products

Question:  I forgot to have my apron monogrammed - can it be done now?

Answer: Aprons cannot be monogrammed after shipment. We cannot monogram through the protective material, as it would destroy the protective qualities of the apron.


QuestionHow do I test my apron?

Answer: Contact the Radiation Officer of your facility for proper procedures.


QuestionI'm worried about Lead-Free aprons not providing protection. What are they made of if they are not lead? 

Answer: To address your concerns, there are several elements that protect you from radiation.  Lead is the most common because it also the cheapest protective element.  Among the others is tin.  Tin protects just as well as lead, and is MUCH LIGHTER, but it is also much more expensive.  Most companies that offer lead-free protection use tin.  The key point to remember isn't "what" is protecting you, but "how" the attenuation factor compares on the lead-equivalency chart.  Tin will give the same lead-equivalency rating of attenuation as lead.  So, rest assured, whether it's lead, lightweight lead, or lead-free, all styles of our aprons offer you excellent levels of lead-equivalent protection. 


Question: Will radiation lead aprons and blankets protect other people and pets from my Brachytherapy Seed Implantation?

Answer: Yes



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