Welcome to Z&Z Medical

The staff at Z & Z Medical is made up of some of the most qualified and courteous individuals that any company could ever have working for them.  We are all from the midwest and place customer service as our most important concern and your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.  With our direct ties to the midwest we have a very strong work ethic but most importantly is the care and concern we have for our families.  Work is very important to us but families make life worth living.  We hope you will enjoy meeting our staff and working with us.

Meet our Team·

KZ      Kevin Zabel - Senior Partner    kevinz@zzmedical.com  800-410-9575

CZ      Craig Zabel - Senior Partner   craigz@zzmedical.com   800-410-9575

CSZ      Connie Zabel - Chief Financial Officer   conniez@zzmedical.com   800-410-9575

BK       Brian Kramme - Vice President Digital Services   briank@zzmedical.com   800-410-9575

BC      Brian Carr - Imaging Consultant   bcarr@zzmedical.com  800-410-9575

KG      Kevin Geerts - Senior Field Service Engineer   keving@zzmedical.com   800-410-9575

NS      Nicole Schmitz - Customer Care Coordinator  nicoles@zzmedical.com  800-410-9575


JL      Jamilee Padget - Customer Care Coordinator   jamileep@zzmedical.com  800-410-9575


    Tiffany Redd - Vendor Accounts Coordinator  tiffanyr@zzmedical.com   800-410-9575

RK      Rod Katz - Logistics Coordinator   rodk@zzmedical.com  800-410-9575