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Scatter Sentry℠

Ready for a lightweight apron with high-performance radiation protection? It’s here: Scatter SentrySM, the newest radiation protection material exclusively from Bar-Ray Products.

Designed for imaging professionals working in medical fluoroscopy environments, Scatter SentrySM provides optimal scatter radiation protection and fluorescence with a unique, lightweight material. More comfort, better radiation protection—what’s not to like?

The Latest in Innovative Radiation Protection

Bar-Ray has always been committed to combining maximum radiation protection with minimum weight material, and we keep our product developers busy seeking ever-better materials and solutions.

Our latest innovation, Scatter SentrySM, joins Bar-Ray’s collection of radiation protection aprons—Prestige, Starlite, and Truelite—to provide our newest shielding material yet. There’s plenty to love about Scatter SentrySM:

  • Meets pending American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards
  • Meets pending International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards
  • Scatter SentrySM is a green, recyclable product. At the end of the apron’s life, Bar-Ray will arrange to pick up the apron for recycling. Additionally, Bar-Ray will issue a discount certificate redeemable for your next purchase of a Scatter SentrySM radiation protection apron.


Maximum Protection & Comfort

Fluoroscopy’s radiation hazard comes mainly from X-rays scattered from the patient’s body. Scatter intensity varies substantially with the thickness of the anatomic parts being examined. Heavier patients have thicker bodies, which produce more scatter radiation.

Scatter SentrySM provides optimal protection from scatter radiation for fluoroscopy imaging professionals. Material is lightweight and flexible, and created using a new, more realistic measure of radiation protection. Scatter SentrySM is developed with new testing methods from ASTM International, the IEC, and the National Research Council of Canada.


Why Use Scatter SentrySM Radiation Protection Aprons?

New methods for testing radiation protective garments will soon be used worldwide. These standards developed by the IEC and ASTM provide a more realistic way for determining the protection provided by the apron material. Scatter SentrySM was specifically designed to meet these new testing standards and does so better than other radiation protective materials currently on the market.

Two levels of protection are offered in Scatter SentrySM. For scatter produced at 100 kV, levels I and II provide front protection equivalent to pure lead thicknesses of 0.40 and 0.50mm* for levels I and II, respectively. For apron styles with back protection, the back protection levels are equivalent to 0.20 and 0.25mm* pure lead thicknesses for levels I and II, respectively.

The protection provided when wearing Scatter SentrySM was determined for X-ray scatter produced at three different radiation energies: 1) a fluoroscope operating at typical levels (80 kV); 2) a fluoroscope operating at higher energies (100 kV) and; 3) a typical CT scanner (130 kV). Protection ratings for Scatter SentrySM for level I and II aprons are listed in the table together with the protection you get from pure lead. For example, a protecting rating of 96% means that the radiation exposure to the wearer would be 96% less than without an apron.

This new, state-of-the-art material allows you to select a level I apron that is dramatically lighter in weight than a level II apron, while only sacrificing a nominal difference in protection (i.e., 95% vs. 96%).

*Note: Lead equivalence for Scatter SentrySM is rated for 100 kV scatter and typically varies at other energies.

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