TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

TENS, aka "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation" is one of the new best practice pain management options for professional practitioners. This non-invasive form of treatment is designed to minimize stress to patients, and provide a quick, measurable form of relief options for sufferers.

For non-practitioners:A TENS unit muscle stimulator is used to provide electrotherapy for chronic pain and to aid the healing process. A mild, targeted electric current is directed to the specific pain center, helping to stimulate nerves in the targeted pain area. Although TENS therapy is not suitable for all types of chronic pain, it offers a particularly efficient, simple method of pain management which is effective for many common conditions.

One of the huge advantages of TENS unit muscle stimulator treatments is the ability to deliver instant pain management treatments for a wide variety of different needs. These highly portable treatment options are ideal for practitioners on the move, able to provide specific treatments as needed.

Z&Z Medical TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Products

Z&Z Medical offers a range of the latest TENS unit muscle stimulators for managing a wide variety of conditions. We also have the latest TENS unit muscle stimulator accessories.

Our selection includes:

InTENSity™, a leading professional TENS practitioner brand:

  • InTENSity™ 5000 Hybrid
  • InTENSity™ Twin Stim® III
  • InTENSity™ IF Combo
  • InTENSity™ Micro Combo
  • InTENSity™ 10

TENS brand products, a leading US specialist brand:

  • TENS 3000™
  • TENS 7000™

EMS brand portable devices:

  • EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim
  • EMS 7500 Digital Edition

Tens 7000 back relief products:

  • Tens 7000 To Go, Back Pain Relief System
  • Tens 7000 To Go Replacement Conductive Back Brace

IF brand portable devices:

  • IF-4000 Electrotherapy Device
  • IF 4K™ Digital Electrotherapy Device

Twin Stim® brand portable devices:

  • Twin Stim® Plus
  • Twin Stim® TENS and EMS Combo

Additional products and accessories

  • RS 2500 Electrotherapy Device
  • Care Tec IV
  • TheraSonic Conductive Spray - 2 oz.
  • TheraSonic Conductive Spray - 8 oz.
  • Micro 2 Electrotherapy Device

Product selection and advisory services

Our range includes a full line of devices and accessories for all of your needs as a practitioner. If you'd like information regarding product selection or technical assistance our experts are available during business hours on weekdays from 8AM to 5PM CST.


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