X-ray Supplies

Z&Z Medical Inc. is a specialist radiography supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of analog and digital X-Ray supplies for hospital, medical, dental, chiropractic and veterinary practices.

In the quickly evolving field of radiography and related diagnostic services, we ensure that our clients have access to the very best and latest equipment on the market. Whatever your technical needs are, we’ll deliver the very best on the market for your practice.

Our products

We have a complete range of top quality X-Ray suppliesand radiological toolscovering the full spectrum of radiography and related technologies.

Our range of X-Ray suppliesand radiology equipmentincludes:

  • X-Ray grid- Various Sizes and configurations including grid encasments
  • XRay film- Including Fuji, Carestream and Sony
  • X-Ray developer- Complete range of film processing chemicals
  • X-Ray envelopes – Standard high quality envelopes
  • X-Ray accessories – Full spectrum of digital and analog accessories
  • X-Ray film scanner- Highly efficient scanners from Vidar and IDD
  • X-Ray processor – Latest processors on the market
  • X-Ray shielding – Our radiation protection equipment includes a
  • full range of lead shields, gloves and more
  • X-Ray cassettes – Includes analog cassettes, digital imaging plates, cassette carts and more
  • Digital imaging – The latest and the best high resolution imaging systems
  • Film digitizers- Digitize your hard copy x-ray film into your new digital archive

We also have a truly vast range of additional equipment, including specialist radiological diagnostic tools and all of the necessities for modern radiological practices, which are:

    • Dry film printers – Top of the range printers including Konica and Sony technologies
    • Major brand DR accessories- Everything you need in our one stop shop
    • Silver recovery – New generation silver recovery technology
    • Radiology furniture – Full range of patient care equipment and accessories
    • Doppler systems – ABI and P.A.D.
    • Mammography – Smocks, aprons, densitometers, markers and more
    • Ultrasound – Full spectrum of essentials, furniture, and portable systems
    • MRI equipment- All ancillaries and accessories

Our services

We do more than just provide X-Ray suppliesand equipment. While many companies solely use products like our X-Ray film processor, we also provide a range of technical, consultation, and support services for our clients including:

24/7 technical support – We are here to help our clients with technical issues and problem-solving around the clock. We’re just a phone call away when you need us.

Consultation services - We are also able to provide support and technical advice with defining and sourcing specialized X-Ray supplies requirements. If you need help with system design, logistics, equipment and materials sourcing, or any radiology issues, talk to us.

If you are seeking to find a single supply source for your practice, we have exactly what you want. If you are looking for fast delivery of radiological supplies across a wide range of needs, we can do it all for you.

Need more information, or want to ask us about specific services or products?

For more information about our products and services, you can contact us anytime online or by phone. Our experts will be happy to discuss your needs and provide all the information you need. We speak the language of radiology, and we will be more than happy to provide any services you require.

Phone: 1 (800) 410-9575
Fax: (319) 277-3998
Email: info@zzmedical.com

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