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How to Clean and Care for your Techno-Aide Lead Aprons


We all know that in a medical environment, it is easy for protective apparel nylon fabrics to become dirty and soiled from blood, bodily fluids, betadine, barium, and other fluids.


  • Techno-Aide recommends cleaning with cold water and a mild detergent to remove all immediate contacts with fluids.
  • 409 Spray can be used to clean the surgace fabric and remove dust and dirt from your garment.
  • To disinfect your garment, Techno-Aide recommends the use of disinfectant wipes such as PDI Sani-Cloth Germicidal Wipes Cat# GWP-P55.  Allow a drying time of at least 4 minutes.



  • Do not use Bleach or any harsh chemicals on your garment.
  • Do not autoclave
  • Do not soak/submerse garment in water.
  • Do not launder.


Radiation protective apparel is sometimes inadvertently damaged when not properly handled or stored.  Instructing users on how to properly take care of these garments can help ensure that your garments provide optimal protection and reduce the number of defective garments that has to be discarded.  The following guidelines may be used to help achieve this goal.


  • Before use, inspect garments for defects, tears, perforations, creases.
  • When not in use, store your apron properly on a rack or peg that is made specifically for radiation protective apparel storage.



  • Don't expose your garment to extreme temperatures of hot or cold or to direct sunlight.
  • Do not wad, crease or fold your Lead Apron.
  • Do not drop on the floor.
  • Do not lean against sharp edges or objects with sharp points.
  • Do not store sharp objects in the pockets.
  • Do not sit on your apron or stack/store items on top of your apron.
  • Do not store an apron over the edge of a chair or equipment.
  • Secure hook and loop closures to prevent snagging and tearing of apparel fabric.

Failure to adhere to the above recommendations will shorten the life of your Lead Apron, promote cracking, and will possibly void your warranty.  Techno-Aide provides a two year warranty on workmanship and materials for their protective apparel garments.



Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead is included in the Toxic substance list.  It should not be disposed of as conventional garbage bus as hazardous wast.  Coordinate with the radiation control officer in your organization who is responsible for disposal of such wastes.  Techno-Aide recycles only Techno-Aide Manufactured aprons.

If you have any questions regarding your Techno-Aide Radiation Protection Apparel Purchase, please contact Z&Z Medical at 1-800-410-9575 or info@zzmedical.com.

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