Six of the Best Mammography Accessories


Breast Cancer Awareness Month plays a huge role in raising public awareness about breast cancer and the benefits of early detection.   At Z&Z Medical, we offer many different accessories to help in delivering the best images and providing patients with the best care possible. Here are eight must-have mammography accessories.


Mammography Biopsy Chairs – This chair can be used as a procedural chair or a treatment table, giving mammography facilities a versatile option for patient care.


Mammography Reclining Chair – this reclining chair is a perfect addition to any mammography room to assist patients that are unable to stand during the mammography procedure. This chair also doubles as a perfect chair that can be used for biopsies when you have a limited budget.


Mammography Skin Markers – Our mammography skin markers and strips allow for clear nipple identification without artifacts. We have skin markers that are manufactured specifically for digital 3D imaging.    


Gown & Blanket Warmers – Nothing calms the nerves of an anxious patient more than a warm blanket. These portable blanket warmers are perfect for imaging and stereotactic biopsy rooms. We have three sizes to choose from.


Diagnostic Display Monitors - High Resolution and Accommodation Images Monitor for Mammography and Digital Mammography Tomosynthesis.


Pink Protective X-Ray Apparel - Join the pink revolution for breast cancer awareness by stocking protective radiation apparel like half-aprons and thyroid guards  in pink. As with all of our protective apparel, they meet the highest standards of radiation shielding and comfort.

Believe it or not, we offer even more amazing mammography accessories that will help you and your patients in the fight against breast cancer. Come check out these items and more at our website.

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